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Why to Upgrade from Dedicated Server to Cloud Hosting?

Posted by Manjari Singh on Jul 22, 2016 12:20:28 pm

For businesses to perform better consistently, they must keep pace with the changing technologies. When it comes to website hosting, cloud hosting is the buzzword among entrepreneurs. If you are using dedicated servers for managing your websites and applications, the time to change over to the cloud is now. The new cloud hosting technology is empowering businesses to do better across all areas of their business and that’s why ther... Read more>>

How to Get More from Your Dedicated Servers

Posted by Manjari Singh on Jul 06, 2016 04:01:37 pm

Businesses requiring top performing websites invariably choose dedicated servers. The reasons are clear. Single tenant hosting delivers the highest levels of performance and uptimes. Here is how: With dedicated hosting, processor power, disk space and other system resources are not shared with others. With tailored server hardware, Operating System  that meets the need of the customer, and with the ability to manag... Read more>>

7 Most Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Posted by Manjari Singh on Jun 23, 2016 02:51:00 pm

Attracting more traffic to your WordPress website is your obvious aim and you can do it in so many ways. But the most effective way of doing it is to increase the speed of your website. When your visitors enjoy smooth and hassle-free browsing at a good speed, they will enjoy a delightful experience and make repeated visits to your website. This can improve chances of conversions and sales. The moot point is how to speed up your WordPres... Read more>>

With Cloud Storage, UK Companies Enjoying the Best Platform to Archive Data

Posted by Manjari Singh on Jun 17, 2016 10:29:45 am

With cloud computing having gained a firm footing in the IT space, cloud storage’s popularity has gone up exponentially. By definition, cloud storage refers to a computing model wherein data is stored in remote servers accessed from the internet. It is typically maintained, operated and managed by a cloud hosting provider. Storage in cloud is operated through data center virtualization. This environment provides users with a... Read more>>

Cloud Load Balancers – A Guide for Dummies

Posted by shivi on Jun 09, 2016 04:33:35 pm

Cloud load balancers help in on-demand, scalable traffic management. They are mostly required during rapid online traffic spikes as these situations challenge even the most efficient websites and applications. These kind of load balancers have become extremely popular among small-to-large businesses because even a brief outage can cost a company thousands of visitors and millions of dollars. Cloud Load Balancers – How do th... Read more>>

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