Cloud web hosting is evolving as a revolutionary trend in business and society. It wouldn’t be surprising to assert that most consumers even unaware of the fact that they are already using cloud-enabled services in the form of email, social media, online gaming and many mobile applications. The business community has initiated to adopt cloud computing as a pragmatic approach to cut back costs and to improve IT and business agility. The much-hyped cloud solutions undeniably improve service delivery capability and provide storage and security to mission-critical applications, irrespective of size and nature of business. 

Just about every e-commerce industry struggles to deliver performance, reliability, security, and affordability to consumers due to pricey computing resources. The emergence of cloud web hosting platform comes as a blessing in disguise for web-based entities to easily achieve above mentioned business objectivities. 

Let's understand how does a business achieve them:

Performance: It is interesting to note that cloud solutions are integrated with advanced routing techniques that accelerate the transit of mission-critical data across the Internet at lightning speed. Secondly, fast caching of website content without regard to geographical location and lastly, the attribute of scalability together have contributed to improve the performance of web-based applications.
Reliability: Cloud web hosting is unquestionably reliable because of redundancy and scalability associated with it. In addition, this hosting solution is capable of uniformly cut back load on the origin servers and networks in order for keeping them functional even during large traffic influx. 

Security: Besides performance and reliability, security is also crucial for online retailing. Every cloud provider shoulders the responsibility of filtering transit data before it reaching the origin. At the same time, it protects your website with SSL certificate to ensure secure online transaction. 

Affordability: This is an exemplary benefit of cloud web hosting as you are freed from investing on software for the upgradation of your IT infrastructure. 
All in all, cloud computing delivers information and services over the Internet in a very safe and economical way.