Cloud storage derives its functional relevance from concepts of virtualization and networking, and it operates under the enabling policy-framework of the countries. Different countries around the world have their own policy framework under which the cloud hosting environments are operable. United Kingdom (UK) is one of those countries that rank high on conduciveness of this policy framework for businesses. Cloud storage UK services are essentially governed by the following guiding principles that are relevant for every cloud service provider.

Interoperability and Portability of Data

Without interoperability and portability of data among the cloud service providers, there would be less than efficient usage of resources and applications. As cloud service providers collaborate, there is a need to move towards standardization and ensuring adherence to these standards. This would not be possible without facilitating government policy framework within UK and even on global level. 


Even as interoperability and portability of data shall be seamless, there shall be adequate responses to security challenges. This guiding principle of secure cloud storage in UK ensures that data of users is not compromised in any way. The cloud storage provider in UK ensures that there are very clear and transparent security criteria for user data. These further ensure that system employs robust system for identity verification and access control through authentication. Having done that, the work is not over and there is a need for continuous testing and further improvements in these systems. 

Another vital component of security paradigm is that of prevention of fraud, digital theft, hacking and malicious attacks through manual or automated systems. Having an appropriate policy framework which works as a meaningful deterrent and is also capable of punishing culprits, make the cloud storage UK services very reliable. 

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Cloud hosting uses a number of physical servers which might be located in geographically diverse destinations. For data protection to be meaningful, there is a need to ensure that the intellectual property rights (IPRs) of the users shall not be infringed in any way. Thus, selection of the cloud server resources is generally done to ensure protection of intellectual property rights. Those countries which do not have such as an enabling policy environment might be the losers in long run. UK ensures full protection of IPRs and has one of the most stringent regulations on punishing those who infringe on these rights. Thus, cloud storage UK facilitates security of genuine innovation in products and services. 

Free Trade

As mentioned earlier, cloud hosting sees no boundaries. This is also what defines their success to a large extent. Setting up of required infrastructure and encouraging the local business to take to cloud services which are well integrated on a global scale, would be possible only if the governments do not place barriers. UK has one of the most liberal environments promoting free trade. Cloud storage UK providers set up their data centres here for this enabling environment.