With cloud computing having gained a firm footing in the IT space, cloud storage’s popularity has gone up exponentially.

By definition, cloud storage refers to a computing model wherein data is stored in remote servers accessed from the internet. It is typically maintained, operated and managed by a cloud hosting provider.

Storage in cloud is operated through data center virtualization. This environment provides users with a virtual cloud model that can be conveniently scaled as per requirements.

When delivered through a cloud hosting service, cloud storage is called utility storage.

But why the beeline for cloud?

Is not local storage on physical devices adequate for the purpose?

Cloud Hosting United KIngdom

By using cloud storage, UK businesses are finding the following advantages:

  • Usability – Most services provide desktop folders for PCs. This allows users to drop files between the cloud and local storage.
  • Cost effectiveness – This is by far the key reason why people prefer cloud. With cloud storage, UK businesses are finding they do not have to own hardware or software associated with backup storage. A very affordable monthly fee is all that is required by you to spend, instead of owning expensive hardware equipment.
  • Flexibility – Cloud systems are highly scalable. To start with you can use only as much as you need, and later scale up and add to storage capacity as per requirements.
  • Accessibility- For accessing your account, all you need to do is log on via internet. This facility allows you to retrieve your data anytime and from anywhere.
  • Disaster recovery – While using cloud storage, UK users accord top priority to disaster recovery. Because cloud is a remote backup solution, your data is secure in the event of an on-site calamity.

Nevertheless, like all systems, cloud storage too has certain drawbacks.

  • Speed limitations - If you have a large amount of data, creating a backup on cloud can be a very time consuming process. This is because the process depends on the bandwidth and connection speed available to you. On the other hand, local backup solutions are faster.
  • Usability - If you are not careful when you drag and drop a file, you are likely to permanently move your data to the cloud storage. It is therefore recommended that you do a copy and paste instead.
  • Security - People have apprehensions as regards safety of data in the cloud. In particular, businesses are concerned that their data can get leaked to other entities. Fortunately, this is not much of an issue these days as new technologies have made cloud storage much safer.
  • Control - Companies tend to be uneasy as they fear they do not have complete control over their data on cloud. Moreover, if you want to maneuver your files locally via multiple devices, you will need to download the cloud service on all devices.

However, for most companies using Cloud Storage, UK cloud vendors are providing adequate security guarantees. Users by and large are finding cloud storage cheap, easy to set up and do not require much monitoring once the system is in place.

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