There is a general mood among the bloggers and entrepreneurs of not taking web hosting seriously. That’s the reason why they generally opt the cheapest hosting solution. In the quest of saving money what they essentially forget is the fact that it is the hosting solution that helps websites keep running. In many cases, it has also be found that business managers are misinformed about hosting and that’s why don’t know how different hosting solutions can lead to different web hosting solution. It is most prudent for businesses to choose a hosting platform that not only guarantees excellent uptime but also increases reliability.     

A business professional must check some important factors before choosing a hosting solution because loading time of a site is directly dependent upon the server’s performance. As loading time is now a prominent feature on search engine optimization, it can be easily inferred that search engine rankings are also dependent upon loading time and consequently SEO.

Web Hosting Affecting Your Rank in the Search Engine Results

Now, let’s have a look at the factors that determines rank in search engine results page –

#1 Location of server play important role

Since inception of Google, search results are geo-targeted. Search results are shown in a certain geographical location by Google on basis of origination of search. In such a case, priority to a website in a search query is determined on the basis of the server located in a particular location. Generally, TLDs are relied upon by Google. However, nowadays IP addresses are also used in determining server location as well as the websites. Suppose, you have a website whose primary target audience is from the USA. However, your server may be located in London (UK). In that case, there is a poor chance of your site to get displayed in the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Therefore, it can be easily said that server location should be chosen on the basis of location from where your site is receiving maximum number of your target audience.

#2 Quality of server is also very important

When we say, there is a need to have a great server quality we essentially mean the physical qualities as well as quantitative benefits. Some of the things you need to check before selecting a server includes good management of the same, bandwidth, server space, and many more. You must keep in mind that more the control you have on the server hardware resources, the better. However, it also means that you have to shell out more money as you move up from shared hosting to VPS hosting to dedicated servers.

#3 Page loading time

Page loading speed has become an important parameter in search engine ranking. Faster a website loads, better the experience of visitors. As Google has included faster page loading as parameter of ranking websites in SERP, website owners must keep this aspect in mind and do the needful. Generally, VPS hosting or cloud is a more coveted hosting solution for faster loading of pages.

Keep these 3 web hosting factors in mind for improving rank in a certain search engine results page.