Businesses requiring top performing websites invariably choose dedicated servers.

The reasons are clear.

Single tenant hosting delivers the highest levels of performance and uptimes.

Here is how:

  • With dedicated hosting, processor power, disk space and other system resources are not shared with others.
  • With tailored server hardware, Operating System  that meets the need of the customer, and with the ability to manage difficult I/O intensive applications, dedicated servers deliver greater control
  • Single tenancy allows for the best level of security that is essential to comply with HIPAA, FISMA, and other guidelines.
  • By making use of a unique solution, businesses can run expected workloads on a dedicated environment and move into cloud if traffic spikes.

Yet there are times when you feel, a better leveraged dedicated server can do a lot more.

In such a scenario, what is the best way out?

Fully managed dedicated hosting can greatly improve the level of your performance.

It is true a fast and reliable infrastructure is essential for your company, but a business needs something more.

You need to free up your company resources, time and money so that you can concentrate on pushing your business further and reach out to new customers.

A fully managed dedicated server hosting can deliver just that.

Faced with intensifying competition, increased costs of operations, and also a desire for more steady revenue systems, many businesses are increasingly turning to managed dedicated server hosting.

Typically, managed hosting service includes management of the network, networking equipment and the operating systems and applications.

But managed dedicated service can come with a higher price tag. This puts many customers in a quandary.

With a higher price will I really get the extent of support and service that I desire?

When it comes to making a cost –benefit evaluation of managed hosting we must factor in many things.

Expert Support

With a first class hosting service at your side, experienced and certified professionals provide bespoke 24 x 7 server monitoring that can preempt potential issues.

Companies, more often than not, are reluctant to invest more in beefing up their in-house IT team. In such a scenario managed dedicated server deliver excellent professional support, saving you time and money that can be spent elsewhere.


If Information Technology is not your domain, then it can be a big burden for you to keep your dedicated server up and running.

By opting for managed dedicated server, the customer can experience quality data center infrastructure and also ensure uninterrupted power and network connections.


It is no cakewalk to deal with outages when your business is grappling with product and service demands. Managed dedicated server can address such issues competently.

With support of expert staff, you can effectively deploy new servers seamlessly.  

A fully managed service makes tasks such as updating and monitoring bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage a breeze, freeing you from a lot of worries.

Yes, a dedicated server is a great choice for a thriving business, but with a managed service tagged along, you can get much more from your dedicated server.

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